Crayon picture of one of the cutest pony’s ever! plumsweet’s Phii sa cake. I fell in love with her mane ;w; I crave sugar so much. So much pink <3333

Crayon picture of one of the cutest pony’s ever! plumsweet’s Phii sa cake. I fell in love with her mane ;w; I crave sugar so much. So much pink <3333



I cannot reblog this enough

You tell em :3

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drinking game: take a shot for every begging thread in dragons wanted

take two shots for a begging thread trying to disguise itself as not one

do you want us all to die of alcohol poisoning

Bonus points if they’re already gotten dragons from other users and are just getting greedy.

Wildclaw scroll

Damn I need one but they’re so expensive x_x I wonder how many scribbles I can sell to try and get one…Maybe I can buy one in instalments.

Ughhh FR Wishlist XD Scrolls scrolls and more scrolls.


I’m going to be severely disappointed if my marriage doesn’t end up like either of these two.
Gogglebox is life. 

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                                 ~DRAGON-FOLK GIVEAWAY~

I posted these a while back on my main art blog, but just as a reminder (since i’m making this seperate) I’m planning on opening commissions for dragon folk soon-ish since I can finally sign up today!

ANYWAY, while waiting for FR to open up, I’ve been drawing my friend’s dragons as dragon-human hybrids and decided “hey this is hella fun lets make people pay me for this”. Ahem.

One lucky-ass person will get a dragon-person drawn to their specifications like the ones above!


  • Reblogs only! The point of this is a promotion so it’s really really helpful if the word gets out!
  • I don’t mind multiple reblogs, but no giveaway blogs!
  • You don’t need to be following this or my art blog, but atleast checking them out would be appreciated!
  • Be willing to have me interrogate you about what you want; and please PLEASE have an idea in mind- all the cooler ones were done with people having a good idea or theme behind them.
  • And bouncing off the above, atleast give me a clothing style you want or pictures- otherwise you get a buck-naked dragon in your inbox.

Raffle ends at 6am server time next monday! Good luck!

Oh my you have a wonderful style ouo

Eris #2931

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I know everyone always says “take photoshop away from me” with these kinds of things but


Jon Risinger posted outtakes from the Surgeons In Space: Deep Space Doctors outtakes so I had to make some official cinematic versions of their parody poses.

also I put my watermarks like right in the middle but i swear if you steal/repost i will find you and eat your first born child

This is exactly what I wanted to come of these.

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i should be studying

My heart wow ;_;

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Get rid of your boundaries and the universe is yours.

i know i reblog this a lot but fuckin look at it

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